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the brand

The name of my shop is simply explained by how lucky of a year 2020 was, even though it was challenging for us in many other ways.  I found a true passion in my own business, found out we were adding another baby to our family, and spent more time with my kids than I ever had the chance to in the past. So... it was definitely a LUCKY lemon year.  I hope each and every person who visits can find something for any occasion and if you can't, message me and give me the challenge to make it happen! 


The maker

Hi! My name is Amber.. I am the creator behind the items in the Lucky Lemon Shop.  

First and foremost, however you made it to this page, I want to thank you for your support of my small, mama-ran business. Even if your support is not a purchase but rather a like, share, tag or story involving the Lemon, I am forever grateful! 

This has become a creative outlet for me to provide affordable, fun, unique, & handmade pieces to people who are local or across the country.  I have enjoyed the inspiration over the last year and the many new friendships as my business and family grew.  

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